Death – what changes/stays the same

In death some things change forever and other things stay the same. I remember preparing for my mother’s death. In the few days prior, the weekly communication and deep discussions termintated into watching an intelligent, spiritual and praying mother disappear into a world unfamiliar to me. In the coming days, preparation for the funeral celebration, … More Death – what changes/stays the same

Sin – Part II

Sin is every Christian’s struggle. Sitting down at this IPAD tonight I checked out a news site that caught my eye. I hit the link and there were the ads on the bottom of the page. Click here and see…or did you want to see these…a link away alluring the natural mind, especially of a … More Sin – Part II


  One reason I love Florida is the beauty of palm trees, water, white beaches and clear water. It is only enhanced by balmy temp’s like today into the high 70’s. My wife and I drove down part of the Gulf Coast today after shopping the local farmers market, enjoying a picnic lunch and ended … More Beauty